Tips on Running a Job Interview

Here we have several tips that can help you to run an interview that will be remembered and liked for all. When it is time to hire new employees, you need to approach the client with a sense of journalism and be sure to only ask the open-ended questions you wish. Don’t bother asking questions that can be answered with a rehearsed answer or a simple yes or no. in order to learn more you need to dig deeper.

Skip the script of a resume

You would have already read the resume which is why the candidate is sitting in your office and each different candidate has a speech prepared and answers to common questions, this is where you go outside of the box. This doesn’t mean ignore their work experience and everything else listed on their CV but focus more on what drew you to this person, what interests you about them? Ask them about what they are interested in, you may find out they have quite niche interests such as pool table restoration or water-painting.

The true wants and needs

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A lack of defined duties can lead to trouble with both the employee and employer. This happens all too often so ensure you spend enough time finding out what roles and responsibilities you want this person to fill before they start. Do you need someone who can work like crazy and handle the demands without going crazy themselves? Do they need to be good at building, engineering communicating, among other things? You need to ask yourself questions like this in order to determine which characteristics you need the client to have.

Find out their skills

Make a list of the skills you want the employee to have. It is all too common to assume that if it is on a resume then the person has that skills. Unfortunately, this is not the case sometimes and the interpretations of what the skills means may be completely different to what you think. Ask for confirmation of what they are telling you. Instead of asking how well they can do the skills give them a question on how to do something that is related to that skill. More to what was said earlier, make sure your potential employee can remember things more than just snooker rules or things related to their passion.

Don’t talk too much

Sometimes we can get carried away and we end up putting in our own thoughts experiences and when someone has a say or tells u something, we tend to answer with a me too! This does not work in the hiring process. Funny enough the interviewers tell the potential employee about how they started working there, why they are doing that type of work etc rather than explaining the goal. Stop talking and remember you need to ask the questions and relax and listen to the answers from the subject. If you do too much talking, they will leave you sitting there wondering what you actually found out about that client and not really know if they were the best candidate or not.

There are no particular skills you need in order to run a job interview you just need to know the right things to say and learn that the interview is not about you but about the subject that is sitting right in front of you. They don’t want to know how you got into the managers chair, but you want to know why they want to work for you and what skills they have got that relate to the job. Write questions down if you think you end up talking too much and set a time limit to ensure you don’t fill the whole time up with you past and present.

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