The Perks of Having a Celebrity Speak On Your Business

celebrity speaking

The endorsements from celebrities on your product or services can enhance your brand. Celebrities in advertising and brand awareness campaigns help to generate attention. This practice can strengthen consumers’ confidence, and take small businesses to the next level. Here are some of the advantages of having a celebrity speak of your business.

Enhances Acceptance

Hard-to-sell products can enjoy broad appeal when a celebrity speaks about them. A local newscaster celebrity can be the new face of any product that’s yet to gain acceptance in an area where consumers are indifferent. A failing brand might become popular when a celebrity endorses and speaks about the company behind a hard-to-sell product. So, the use of celebrities in advertising goods and service isn’t limited to fast-moving consumer goods. It could also be a strategy to promote a failing brand. Usually, when businesses don’t break even after two years of introducing a product or service, they may think of reinventing their brand. However, the use of a celebrity to speak about the benefits of the brand is a better strategy than dropping a brand or product because of low patronage.

Rebranding Strategy

An old brand might be threatened with new entrants and aggressive competitors. It becomes very necessary to re-strategize by positioning the old brand to become more competitive. Most times, business is seen by entrepreneurs as a game that produces either a winner or loser at the end of the year. Smart business owners use endorsements from celebrities to position their brands. Usually, old companies think of effective rebranding strategies when they want to become more aggressive in sales.

It Helps to Attract New Customers

Generally, small companies find it hard to attract the confidence of new customers. Even when they claim to have superior products or services, it’s not easy to gain relevance with new clients. Usually, first-time users of products and services are skeptical. Perhaps, they have tried rival brands and are hoping to boost their satisfaction. However, it’s a morale booster for new users to see celebrity endorsements of products they intend to buy. Businesses can use local celebrities in advertising their brands; it’s more cost-effective than using A-list celebrities. Also, the endorsement from celebrities could mean low patronage for other competitive brands.

It Influences Purchase Decision

When consumers agree that many high-quality goods are available, they often find it tricky to pick what’s at their disposal. However, it becomes easy to choose when they see endorsements from celebrities for a particular product. Generally, an endorsement doesn’t raise the quality of products but attracts consumers. Celebrity endorsement is a huge factor that raises confidence and influences consumers’ purchase decisions. Also, the promotional power of celebrity reviews can increase sales. As a reliable way of influencing consumers to buy your product or service, celebrities will increase the popularity of your business.

Target a Specific Demography

Companies can use advertising to target different demography of consumers. A pharmaceutical company could employ the services of an older female celebrity to create awareness for a new menopausal drug. This strategy will help to create interest in women that are above the age of fifty.

Targeting specific demography that listens to urban music is easy with a local celebrity disc jockey (DJ). The right age group might offer their attention to the endorsement of the well-respected DJ’s radio program. The interest from people of this demographic could be an advantage for businesses. Also, companies could advertise their goods and services during the urban music program on that radio station. So, it’s a win-win situation for the radio station and companies that rely on the services of the local celebrity DJ and anchor of the program.

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