The Impact That Culture Has on a Company

It is now a common mistake for people to think everyone thinks all the same and that people are all alike because they will dress alike. It also becomes a mistake to assume that people think alike due to their word choices within the business setting. Even in the world today there are many wide cultural differences, and these are the differences that can influence how people are doing business.

Culture impacts many things in business like:

  • Managing projects and employees
  • The pace of the business
  • How to verbally and physically meet and interact
  • Decision making and negotiating
  • Marketing, the sales and distribution

Propensity for the risk taking

There are still many people in the world who tend to think that business is just about making money. People assume that certain issues like culture problems don’t matter or aren’t important in relation to business. These issues matter in more than one way and the issues are growing tremendously. People are focused on the bottom line however they are doing business with the people they understand, they like and that they trust. Culture determines all of the key issues. The influence of cultural factors is extensive. The culture impacts how the employees are managed to the best ability, based on their priorities and values. It also impacts other functional area in marketing, sales and the distribution.

Culture can affect the company’s analysis and the decisions on how and when to enter a new market. When you are dealing with people from different cultures you can find their business practises, management styles and communication skills are all different from which you may be accustomed to. Knowing and understanding about the culture of the people you are dealing with is essential to a successful business interaction and in order to accomplish business objectives. It may be beneficial to undertake a level of vocational training to help you better prepare for differing personalities and people in a business. Most employment support services will offer free advice for those struggling.

Things you will need to understand:

  • How culture impacts people’s deadlines and timeframes
  • How people communicate
  • How people respond to authority like management
  • How people are likely raising concerns and highlight problems
  • How people take physical and verbal communications

How people make decisions

To conduct business with those who have a different culture to your own you need to put aside the preconceived notions and aim to learn about the culture of your partners. It seems the greatest challenge is to try and stop from applying your own value system when you are judging those from a different culture. It is important for you to remember that there are no right or wrong ways to deal with different people just different ways. Concepts like the ethics and time are viewed very differently from place to place and a business professional will try and understand the rationale underlying cultures concepts from those who are different from us. For the smaller companies that are new there can be no delays or errors. Both will result from cultural miscommunications and misunderstandings these mishaps can impact the bottom line.

When it comes to understanding the cultural differences, it is important to know whether you are selling to new markets among different countries or are you selling to the ethnic markets in your own home country. Culture will impact you if you are doing business from different countries and it can impact the communication.

There is no doubt that that culture will impact companies differently, so things need to be in place to avoid the business from being impacted too much. Education is the best way to help people learn and understand different cultures.

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