The art of marketing your gym

When you open a gym, it will draw people in to check out the new facility. How do you keep people drawn in when a new gym opens, how exactly do you get a bigger crowd interested in your gym? You have given a free trial at the gym, but no one seems to have come back and signed up. A lot of the problem is not using good gym marketing. If you are not promoting your gym correctly and are not staying interesting, then you are going to see a dull, lonely gym.

The internet has many ways that you can set up a fitness gym marketing plan. Here is a list of some good examples of gym marketing that you might be able to take on and see if it brings you more luck.

Reward Members for Referrals

One of the best ways to market yourself is to offer referral marketing. The current members all have family and friends who can find the gym as beneficial as they do. Rewarding people who invite people they know to join will help to create an engaging atmosphere for your gym. Your customers will love receiving rewards when they get someone to join. Offers like a cash bonus, free membership deals and even free merchandise when you sign someone up.

Streamline Your Payments

Offering online bill pay is great for both you and the customers. Everyone is busy, and we cannot always get into the gym during business hours to pay the bill or even get to post office to pay however we all have five minutes to jump online and use our BPAY to pay a bill. Establishing systems to allow for online payments ensures your gym receives payment on time and no stress for the customers. Make it a point to mention that part to potential customers and add them to your marketing strategies that you offer online payments. It can be good to supply payment plans as well for those budgeting or on low incomes. You can off to pay weekly, monthly, and quarterly.

Get a Referral From a doctor

One of the most useful ways for getting gym leads is by enlisting a doctor to spread the word. Ask your local GP if he would be happy to refer patients over to your gym especially for those who are at risk of diabetes or are overweight. If a local doctor backs your gym, you will be surprised how that can be free marketing for your gym.

Offer Flexible Hours

Everyone works different hours, and it can be hard to get to the gym within business hours if you have children to get from school etc. Offering 24/7 hours means that mums who work and have children can go to the gym when their partner finishes work or when the children go to bed, and the babysitter pops over. Advertise your flexible hours so everyone can see your gym offers convenient come when you want attitude.

Create a Blog

Creating a blog for your business is a must-have marketing tool. Your blog does not need to be all about your gym, but offering videos, articles about health and the benefits of fitness and even videos can grasp your target audience and create new exposure for your brand.

As this article shows, there are many ways that you can successfully market your gym to potential customers. By adopting some of the tips in this article, you should be able to increase the number of customers that wish to join your gym, as well as helping to improve the retention of existing customers.

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