Should My Child Work in Retail or Fast Food?

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Teen employment is a common thing nowadays as kids want to earn money for themselves. This not only helps them with the sense of self-dependency, but it also introduces them to a working world. Working part-time can help them with skills like communication, management and working under pressure. And so, different businesses provide different opportunities for kids. But what work is the best for them? Because it isn’t the money only, what else does a teenager gets by working part-time?

What skills most jobs would help your kid learn?

  • Value for hard work
  • Importance of commitments
  • Interactions with people (co-workers) from different fields
  • Adjusting their work life and personal life
  • Time management
  • A wide range of employability skills to build upon
  • Having fun while working
  • Taking responsibilities
  • Having a broader vision
  • Working anywhere outside their home leads to productivity.

Working in retail

Mostly, teenage kids end up in supermarkets and others such small shops and act as cashiers. But, then, there are a lot of opportunities at stores that are marked under retail. Not only making bills but at times the teens are even responsible for keeping track of refills. And by refills, the direct meaning is understanding what the people are consuming or buying the most of. At what scale does the purchase take place for the shop owners. How much money is involved? Not only that, they get to interact with business-people, and hence they get a practical approach to owning a shop. Being from a commerce background can help a kid be better with numbers. These stores use software to enter data, make calculations and generate a bill that might lead to an interest and curiosity in learning software. Observations at times like this at times lead to innovation.

After all, no matter what anyone says, working in retail is boring. Who likes to sit at a counter all the time? If you are curious enough, you can take an interest in learning the basics of businesses and the risks. Who knows who might turn into a future entrepreneur after all?

Working in fast food

Unlike retail, fast food seems a broader area. There is no comparison between the two, but fast food has another good thing over retail. The human interaction and coordination, it is greater in fast food. You might be a waiter, or you take orders and issue coupons and make bills. Either way, it is more teamwork than retail. When you are a part of the food business, the most important thing that you learn is disaster management. Working as cashiers is generally a lone ranger thing at most times. But when it comes to food places, you always have people around you. There is a lot of extensive hospitality training your child can take before undertaking a career in fast food.

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For a first job, a fast-food worker fits better as you get to learn from others. A basic introduction is common when you start working as a teenager but after a while, you are on your own, that is the whole point of hiring help – so the owner doesn’t have to work. And so, being a lone ranger (like in retail) sometimes seems not so good.

The worst problem with the workers at fast-food shops is that people have a “you are beneath me” view of them. The average pay for a fast-food job worker is $8.47 per hour while that of a retail job worker is $14 per hour. No matter what the job is, it is up to your kid to use it to most of their benefits. Any job is a good job if they learn anything from it. And so, the decision depends on the factor of how that job suits their time and where it makes them stand financially. What matters is that they feel that they matter.

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