Preparing For A Big Presentation

How to Prepare for a Presentation to be Held in A Formal Venue?

It is important in almost all the fields to have great formal presentation skills. During such presentations in front of a large or influential gathering, the venue and the setting places a huge impact. Consider the TED talks for example. They have a signature style for their events which has a huge impact in terms of resources and ambience for the speaker. A formal venue dictates your presentation in multiple ways and even the way you dress up for the event. It is always recommended that you do a mock run at the formal venue before your actual presentation day.

Things to Consider at the Venue

  • A formal event is most likely to have a podium or a stage where you are expected to present from. Note that if this is a large-scale event, you will be facing physical separation in terms of distance and height from the audience. Chances are, you won’t be able to see the audience sitting behind as well.
  • Check all the equipment at disposal at the venue. Most formal venues in Melbourne will usually have a professional audio and video system. Some will even have projectors with screens. Check if you are comfortable with a wireless microphone or you prefer the wired one. Do a mock run of your presentation using all this equipment including the projector so you are aligned well with the functioning of these.
  • Modern formal venues do not just have the spotlights. They have a mix of coloured lights that can be used to induce a specific mood to the audience. If your presentation allows that, use this feature to the maximum. Nevertheless, ensure that the main stage light are functioning well and adjust the dimness of the light near the audience.
  • If possible, get some audience and do a mock presentation so that you can get a little feel of when the room is filled with members. It is common to be nerve – wracked in such situations but do note that the more you are relaxed, the easier it is for the audience to build rapport with you.

How to Prepare for a Presentation to be Held in A Formal Venue?

How Do You Prepare for The Big Presentation?

There are the obvious tips before starting a big formal presentation about reaching the venue on time, knowing the target audience, practicing multiple times, using the materials well, etc. But here are some extra tips that can give you the edge and make the whole presentation a little more interesting.

  • Tell Stories. Who does not love stories? Young or old, we all love listening to them because it temporarily takes us out to a different world. Some of the best talks in the world are those which involve stories. But make sure that the story is relevant to the subject of your presentation.
  • Use tonal variation. Even a formal speech does not have to be like a robot. Remember the last time you spoke to your close friend over the call? Did you notice how you used your tone variation to express feelings of happiness, sadness, remorse or excitement? Bring the same here; the audience are going to love it.
  • Although you cannot see any specific audience, do note that they can see you. Keep moving your eyes around the hall during the course of the presentation. If possible, try to include personal engagement with some of the audience members. That can keep them active throughout especially if it is a long speech.

So, these are the tips for your next big formal presentation. Since it is a formal venue, the recommended dress codes are usually suits for men and formal skirts for women. Check past events in the venue online. Most function rooms in Melbourne CBD will have a social media account of some sort. Have a look at what past attendees were wearing. With sensibility, you can follow the same dress code.



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