Jobs Involved In Event Planning

Event planning is a professional role that applies the principles and skills of management to effectively and efficiently deliver client specifications and expectations concerning significant scale events such as weddings, conventions, conferences, festivals and other types of parties and ceremonies.

The general role of the event planner has gained lots of recognition in contemporary society. The growing importance can explain that owners of private businesses and corporates are placing on the success of their events. Such success places them at a position of admiration and appreciation in the eyes of their clientele. For this reason, those seeking the services of an event planner want the details of the event followed to the letter. Now you can perform event planning in many other specialised roles. As a result, the list of jobs involved in event planning is endless. Here are some of the many roles in event planning.

The Event Planning Manager

Also described as the event coordinator and has the role of organising every little detail of the event. Their commitment to the event commences from the moment the client communicates their intent and specifications about the event to the time of cleanup after the event is successfully delivered. The coordinator is also responsible for ensuring that all other event planning and management roles are carried out efficiently.

The IT Expert

The IT expert in event planning is the information guru who ensures that details of the event planning are created, stored and communicated effectively. This may mean the management of data from meetings between the event planning team and the client, communication to guests, creation and management of social media platforms for the event, production of fliers on the event, and registration of guests among others.

The Videographer

In this digital era, information about events is stored more in the image than in text. This explains why a videographer is indispensable on any occasion. Recording every detail of the event in video and image makes a crucial part of event planning and management. Videos and images are used to communicate details of the event to target audiences beyond those physically attending.

Customer Service Personnel

This role is taken up by several individuals. Before the event day, customer service personnel may assume the task of responding to customer email and addressing customer queries on interactive web platforms. On the event day, customer service personnel may assume the role of ushering in guests, guiding them to their assigned spaces and generally ensuring that everyone is comfortable.

Event Decorators/Designer

Event decorators are a team of trained experts who take care of the aesthetic aspect of the event. This may include designing and setting up a stage where dignitaries sit or where entertainment and speeches are delivered. They also take care of adorning with thematic colours all the spaces of the event such as halls and dining tables. Event designers also construct a plan for the layout of the event in terms of where and what things need to get built and placed. This plan then gets passed onto the timber beam specialists for example, who may be required to construct a setting for an outdoor fundraiser event, which brings us to our next topic.


Tradespeople are almost always essential when setting up for a particularly significant event such as a wedding, conference, festival and other parties or ceremonies that require a change to the design and layout. Tradespeople implement the building and setting up of stages, lighting, flooring, and undercover areas to name a few. These guys are the ones that determine whether certain materials such as glulam beams, for example, would be suitable for the event and overall goal.

Security Personnel

Security threats are a common phenomenon in today’s society. Protecting people who attend an event is, therefore crucial and may involve the presence of law enforcers primarily when high profile persons attend the events. Hired security personnel who use explosive-detecting devices to screen people as they arrive at the venue are also a frequent presence in events.

The Caterer

We could consider catering to the heart of event planning and management. A good event is one where people can enjoy a good meal after all other activities of the event have been accomplished. Excellent catering services largely determine if participants evaluate the event positively.

And the list is endless.

The complexity of contemporary society continues to create new roles in the event planning industry. Even though not discussed, critical positions in event planning are taken up by event reporters, the master of ceremony, and florists among other innumerable roles.

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