Creating a company slogan

As part of brand marketing, companies are advised to stick with easy-to-remember slogans. It helps clients to connect with their products and services. Generally, the brand slogan is a phrase or word that is peculiar to the company’s objectives. However, most countries support copyright protection for slogans. Here are simple ways of picking a company slogan.

Trigger Emotions with Enough Words

Instead of restricting a slogan to one or two words, the tagline (slogan) for a business should be descriptive. It might not necessarily tell a story, but a slogan shouldn’t be what others can copy easily. Your choice of a slogan will get attention from customers and make them want to learn more about your brand. As an intrinsic part of your company’s brand, this catchphrase can activate emotions. Also, it must resonate with the audience and give them a positive impression of your company. The slogan is a band identity that should be easy to recall, and connect with people that are associated with your company.

Make It Simple

Keeping it simple starts by avoiding generic words that have no connection with your brand identity. Don’t forget that a slogan is different from your mission statement. It’s a simple, quick-shot at the audience to get their interest more than ever. Instead of leaving your audience in confusion, the words in the slogan should be appealing and succinct. For example, a simple automobile slogan like ‘Zoom Zoom’ can attract attention from the audience instantly. Another great example from clothing brand is ‘Just Do It,’ it’s easy to make a difference with this phrase.

Customize Your Brand Identity

There’s hardly any business without competition or rivals. Your tag line should help your business distinguish itself from competitors. The proper thing to do is to isolate one key aspect of your business; it might be a unique method of quality control during production. Focus on that advantage, and customize your brad with it. Always remember that first impression last longer, and the audience tends to stick with what appeals to them. It’s your company’s peculiarity that sets it apart from competitors. Highlight that key benefit by stressing the message as a slogan. Also, you can string multiple ideas into a phrase.

A Slogan That Brings Commitment

Ideally, the slogan should convey your company’s commitment. The commitment to impressive service delivery or high-quality product can be stressed with a slogan. Potential customers are open to better alternatives that give them value for their money. So, your company’s dedication to its customers can be seen from the right slogan. However, many companies include the word ‘best’ in their slogan. This powerful word could prompt first-time customers to test the company’s devotion to customer service.

Choose Unique Keywords

Picking a company’s slogan is a critical step to successful brand identity. With the right slogan, it’s easy to give the audience a glimpse into your brand. The slogan should convey a specific benefit and keywords that relate to your industry. Always, think of outsmarting your competition whenever you choose to showcase your brand. Being different is a strategy that works in business. It shows that your company is unique, and can exceed customers’ expectations.

Taglines that are easy to find on search engine online, and relate with your company’s industry can put your brand in the spotlight. Perception is everything in business, and your company can soar to greater heights with slogans that contain good keywords. However, if your company doesn’t have a befitting slogan, the management will need to revamp it. You can never go wrong with a catchy slogan because it creates a solid brand identity.

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