5 Tips to Stay On-Top of Your Agency

As your real estate agency grows you can feel like you are getting overwhelmed with the extra work that needs to be done. You might have a billion emails to answer, the major project you have to start immediately or a meeting that you keep putting off because it seems too time consuming or stressful for you and your employees. People are not happy working under stress whether you are an agency owner, senior staff member or a junior employee. In the workplace, we feel happier when we are organised and on top of things. Once a real estate agency has a set plan to follow, things will not fall within the cracks and team members will begin to feel a lot more in control of things.

Here are a few tips to help you stay on top of your growing real estate business:

Don’t take on too much at once

If you become too overworked then you are not doing good a good enough job with managing your time and your work efficiency will eventually go right out the door. Time management rules will definitely not give you any more time in the day. You can however not take on any extra work until you have got your current load organised. If you are offered a catch-up lunch but are swamped under then it might be best to give it a miss this time. Don’t volunteer for any extra work either as this will just add more to the growing pile you already have. Think about your priorities and sort them out first. If you have agreed to a house-showing at 1pm and have also been asked to inspect a property for sale at 12pm, it is best to know your limits and make sure that you are prioritising your agencies goals. Learn to sell property and manage that before everything else.

Workplace meetings

With your growing business, you need to think if having regular meetings is really needed or is it just a waste of time. If you have only a few things to tell everyone then considering a multiple calls to everyone at once or send out an email with the information instead of conducting an hour or two long meeting. If meetings are mandatory then consider cutting them down shorter and cutting out the chit chat before the meeting and afterwards.

Make A To-Do List

If you work on whatever looks good first then you are not working effectively. Every evening the day before work make a to-do list for the next day. Cover crucial things that need to get done first. Ensure there is something on your list that is going be advancing one of our long-term projects. Once you get to work ensure you and everyone else starts on the to-do list straight away instead of gossiping at the coffee machine or sharing pictures on mobile phones.

Timed bursts

After we have been concentrating for a few hours we tend to start losing focus. Working in timed bursts for a growing business can work well for employers and the staff. Work on a report for 30 mins instead of two hours. You will be surprised how much you can get done by working in short bursts as your attention and focus levels are high during shorter periods of time.

Develop a good system

We tend to work inefficiently as the business is growing as there is a failure to develop a good system. If your job is always overwhelming you and causing trouble within the staff then the chances are that you have not got a good system in play. Implementing a good system will see you tacking the work of a growing agency efficiently and with ease.

Follow these 5 tips to ensure you stay on top of your growing real estate agency without being snowed under with stress and worry.

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