5 Tips for Running The Best Event

It doesn’t matter what type of event you are running whether it is an awards day, a sales event, an art gallery showing or some sort of fundraiser it can be stressful trying to organise the event and have it go off without a hitch. The success of the event will depend on how well you plan the event and how organised you are. You want your event to be perfect and everything to go as planned. There are a few hints that you can bring into your event to help see the event is a total success.

Before you do anything, you need to have decided exactly what the purpose is. Is it solely a fundraising event or does it have other types of goals? Do you have a fundraising amount set? Are you mainly doing this event in order to gain publicity and reach out to networks? If it is an art gallery showing, do you have the appropriate art crates to safely move the pieces around and are your exhibition walls up to your standards? In order to organise the event, you need to know what your main goal is.

Have a run sheet

Run sheets are used to keep an event running on the track that has originally been set. Knowing exactly when certain things are going to take place during the day is essential. Be realistic when you are setting out your run sheet. Contact the venue where the event is being hosted and organise the meals and know what time they will be getting sent out. There is no point in leaving 7 pm free if the meals don’t come out until 8 pm. The run sheet needs to be sent to all the parties involved so they are aware of what is going on. This sheet keeps you in check and allows for you to follow a set of guidelines.

Imagine yourself as your guest

Take into account the type of people who will be coming to the event. Do they want to be dancing all night if not then don’t plan for dancing to take place most of the night? Be sure to put your wants and needs behind you in order to focus on what your guests would want. Putting yourself in the position of the guests will allow for you to create the best atmosphere possible.


Just like a business you need to market your event. You need to ensure you are marketing towards the correct audience. It is time to convince followers that they should visit your event and contribute. Use a fundraising network, invitations, flyers and social media can all help to get your event out there to as many people as you can. Draw up a marketing plan for your event can ensure you haven’t missed anything.

You must be flexible

Being flexible is not letting mistakes or setbacks ruin it all. Is the night running a little behind schedule? Did the decorations not arrive? Most times the people won’t pay attention to the missing flowers or decorations and it won’t impact their decision they are merely there for the event goal. The guests most times will not even notice the setbacks or mishaps so don’t bring them to their attention.

Have fun

While running an event can be stressful it is important to ensure you’re in this event because you want to. You need to have a passion for this event and the goal you are trying to achieve. Ensure you mix with the guests to let them meet the person behind it all. Ask their opinions about the goal you are going for; how did they find the food at the event? Make them feel like you care about their opinion.

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